Two Ways of Entering Dimensions Beyond the Physical

The story we’re being sold through the media is not about reality. The camera may not lie – although that’s a debatable question these days – but someone selects the images we see, someone even decides which images get captured, and someone writes the words used to tell us the story. And, it is a story we are being sold. It’s never objective reality. It’s always someone’s interpretation – often coloured by an unspoken agenda.

The media, whether it’s mainstream or alternative, deals with events in the surface world. We live our daily lives within that surface level dimension, where we engage with the world and the people around us. While it’s important to know what’s going on in the world we live in – family, neighbourhood, workplace, nation – the surface world is not the only dimension available to us. 

We are connected to invisible dimensions beyond the physical. 

We’re here to play in the physical world, otherwise we wouldn’t be here at all. But, we never actually leave the spiritual, although we tend to forget it while we focus our attention on the physical – until someone or something reminds us of our connection. Then it becomes impossible to forget, even if we lose our sense of connection again.

We journey into those non-physical dimensions through meditation and sleep.

In meditation, we make the journey consciously. We choose to go there because we remember our connection. In sleep, we journey into those dimensions unconsciously.  We go there whether we choose to or not, whether we remember our connection or not. 

Some of us don’t enjoy our nightly journeys into the non-physical. We have nightmares. But all of us need to go there, as anyone who has experienced insomnia will tell you. Sleep is an important part of waking up, since it’s the one state of being where the ego mind is not available to block communication from the divine.

Meditation – sitting and allowing the mind to empty or sitting and watching thoughts go by without engaging with them – allows you to temporarily remove your attention from the physical and connect with those parts of yourself that reside in the invisible, those divine aspects of yourself not caught up in the drama of what you call your life in the physical.

Whenever what’s going on in the world gets to be too much, slow down. Take a moment for yourself and meditate. If you can’t meditate, take a nap. You can always come back to the drama later – if that’s what you really want.

By the way, it’s a good idea to sleep and meditate daily to promote health and well-being – and stay connected to the divine aspects of yourself beyond the physical.

Featured image credit: Johannes Plenio | Unsplash