What story are you telling?


Every moment of every day is story time.

Take a moment and listen to that voice in your head.

What story are you telling yourself about yourself today?

Whether you’re aware of what you’re doing or not, you are telling your story all the time. You’re telling it in your self talk and when you’re telling others about yourself. You’re telling it in all those thoughts you have about yourself.

What story are you telling? Are you putting yourself down? Are you limiting your possibilities by saying that there are things you can’t do? Qualities you can’t have? Is your story the same as everybody else’s?

Are you deliberately crafting your story or simply repeating the same story over and over?

Who is the author of the stories you tell yourself about yourself?

Is it you?

You can be the author of your story but you need to make that a deliberate choice.

If you don’t pay attention to your storytelling you end up repeating things – mindlessly. Those things could be lies. They might have been true once, but there is a fair chance they are nothing more than opinions – that you have not consciously examined.

Here’s something to think about. If you keep telling the same story nothing changes. If you want things to change in your life you need to start telling a new story.

Start telling yourself the story of who you want to be – and grow into being that person.

You won’t change when things around you change.

Things around you change when you change – and you need to tell yourself a new story if you want to change.

I know this sounds easy but in reality it’s a real challenge – simply because we are creatures of habit. It’s so easy going with the flow of the familiar. It takes commitment to make a deliberate choice to change the narrative of your story and to stick with that choice.

You also have to contend with peer pressure – from those people who want you to stay the same.

The fun is in the changing not in the staying with the herd. So, go for it!

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

Start from where you are

It’s mind blowing to contemplate the vastness of a journey across the cosmos that began before time. So mind blowing as to be incredible, and possibly so far removed from your present reality as to be meaningless. Yet such a picture can offer you a much larger canvas to play on, if you can entertain the possibility that there is more to your life than what you have so far been led to believe.

Okay, we’ve opened a portal that leads onto the field of possibilities. It all sounds exciting but how do you get through that portal? You need to start from where you are.

So, where are you? What sort of journey do you believe you’re on? Is it a journey you have control over or are you a victim of your circumstances or of some whimsical God? Maybe you believe in destiny?

Maybe it’s all written in the stars. Maybe it isn’t.

If you’re interested in things written in the stars, you might enjoy, Fractal Time by Gregg Braden. Seems the ancients saw a thing or two in the night sky that might help our climate scientists. I’m not saying it’s the answer, what I am saying is it’s another perspective, and unless you’re prepared to consider other perspectives you’ll stay right where your are.

To move from where you are, first of all you need to work out where you are and how you got there.

If you’re like the rest of us, you have a story. The story of your life that you tell yourself, and anybody else that will listen. Start by questioning your story.

How much of what you tell yourself is the story of your life is actually true? How much of it is simply what someone else told you?

Ever wondered why programs like Who do you think you are? are so popular or why so many people are spending hours on ancestry.com?

People want to know the truth in their stories. What’s the truth in your story?