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Are You Willing To Change?

Self-Help and Personal Growth books contain useful information and helpful suggestions for readers seeking ideas and strategies for change. At least that’s how authors of such books and articles see them.

But, has reading any of them made a difference for you?

If their authors are anything like me, and I’ve written a few books on these topics, they’re writing about ideas or habits that work for them, or they’re challenging you to examine the way you live your life. And, that usually means investigating your beliefs, your self-talk, and your habits.

Do you ever actually do any of the things we suggest? Do they work for you?

The other day I was listening to a talk by Lee Harris, in which he was discussing strategies for opening yourself up to more abundance. 

One of the strategies he mentioned was being willing to change – your mind, your behaviour, and your habits. 

It was a timely reminder that you can have access to all the information in the world required to enable personal growth but if you’re not willing to change how you see the world, what you believe, or what you’re prepared to do – nothing is going to change for you.

I’ve done some work with affirmations, using I am statements, to challenge my beliefs.

It’s interesting to observe what your mind throws up when you start repeating positive I am statements to yourself. It’s a great way for flushing out your hidden beliefs about yourself.

I wrote a series of reflections on my I am statements, which you can read in Beyond The Words, but the one that came to mind as I listened to Lee Harris was: I am willing.

This is a great affirmation that can be used in conjunction with any positive statement that triggers a negative response from your subconscious mind.

If you know you’re having a few challenges embracing change, tell yourself: I am willing to change.

I am willing

It’s a useful little key to open a pathway for thinking differently.

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