Reading Stella Bruno Investigates

Stella Bruno Investigates is a series of nine quick reads telling ten stories.

Each book in the series is dedicated to the crime associated with its title, while the tenth story, Stella’s story, is interwoven through those nine stories. To fully appreciate the gradual unfolding of Stella’s story, you need to read the series in book order.

Set in and around Adelaide, South Australia, the stories open a window into Australian life and policing that allows readers in Europe and North America to explore life down under without making the long haul flight required to get there. For Australian readers, the series provides an experience of crime fiction in a familiar location.

All of the places mentioned in the stories exist – you can look them up using your search engine of choice. And, you can enjoy a meal at any of the restaurants where Stella and Shaun eat – if you ever make that long haul flight and come to Adelaide. You might even spot me at one of the tables.

Australians enjoy fairly informal working relationships, even within the confines of the rigid hierarchy of a police force. Working relationships are built on trust and it’s not uncommon for officers of differing ranks to treat each other as equals – as Stella and Brian do. Of course, there are always people who see themselves as being more important, which is why Stella has a different relationship with her boss, DI Frank Williams, who has not yet come to terms with the reality of his most competent detective sergeant being a woman.

The other man of interest across the series is Shaun Porter. He works for the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which is secondary to his role as Stella’s love interest. Yes, police officers have a life outside of investigating crime, and one of the joys of writing the series was witnessing the development of the relationship between Stella and Shaun. I hope you enjoy their story. And, keep an eye out for Stella’s son, Josh.

If you’re wondering what makes Australian crime stories different, Stella Bruno Investigates gives you the opportunity to find out in nine quick reads.

Peter Mulraney is the author of the Inspector West and Stella Bruno Investigates crime series.