I am eternal

I Am Eternal

Who is the I this applies to? It can’t be Peter. He is a personality and we all know Peter is going to die. 

Even I know that. And, that means Peter is not eternal in any sense of the word.

If I want to acknowledge this affirmation as true, I need to acknowledge that I am not Peter. 

I am something else, something beyond the realm of three-dimensional physical reality. 

If I am eternal, then I am divine.

To take this as truth, I must accept myself as being spirit, soul, or pure awareness without form. 

I can’t hold onto any idea of being only human or a body. The body and personality are simply the forms I’ve elected to take in order to appear here in this realm.

This dimension may not be the only realm of existence. But, it could be. 

It could have realms, not discernible through the senses of the body, which allow the eternal to exist invisible to us but right here beside us. 

Perhaps God is always watching and looking out for us, and there really is no place we can go without being in the presence of God.

I am eternal and so is everyone else. It’s not a special category. We’re all in it.

This lifetime will pass – and it’s not the only one I have had or will have. 

When Peter has run his course and left his legacy, I will continue to exist and simply return my attention to the place where my soul always is, eternally.

From Beyond The Words: Reflections on I Am Affirmations