Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun. It allows you the opportunity to give your friend/lover/spouse a cheeky card and an extravagant or ridiculous gift – depending on your sense of humour. It’s a moment to pause and remind yourself why you have or want that special person in your life. It’s also an opportunity to say those magic words: ‘I love you.’

The danger with these special days is they tempt us to reserve our expressions of love to those days. Lots of us do special things on those days. Have you ever tried to book a table in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day? For some places you need to book a year in advance, and even then there is no guarantee. And, it’s not only the restaurants doing a roaring trade. Even Amazon has Valentine’s Day specials, along with every other online and Main Street retailer in the country.

Girls, you can even buy that special handyman in your life a ‘hot’ tool from the local hardware store to express the depth of your love and desire.

The upside of Valentine’s Day is we get to feel good, and the retail sector gets a boost in sales that keeps people employed.

The downside is some of us forget, despite all the advertising, and end up feeling guilty, and some of us miss out – no-one tells us that they love us, and we feel rejected, forgotten and alone.

Why am I bringing up this sad point? After all, we want to feel good about Valentine’s Day. I’m doing it to remind you that it’s always a mistake to derive your sense of self-worth from the opinions or actions of others. You are always loveable, just the way you are, even if no-one remembers to affirm you on Valentine’s Day.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a Valentine’s Day card or gift to affirm yourself. If you can’t give love to yourself, what makes you think you could give it to anybody else?

I think that there might be a message in that line attributed to Jesus: “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t asking us to hate our neighbours. So, it’s okay to start with loving yourself. Probably the best place to start, actually.

Valentine’s Day has always been good for me – all that advertising helps me remember that it’s my wife’s birthday. Two special days in one!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and thanks for dropping by.