Through the mind’s window

When you enjoy a vista through a window, it feels like you are looking out onto the world.

Is that, in fact, possible, let alone true?

Science tells us that, in reality, you allow energy, in the form of light, to stream in through your eyes, and then you interpret the visual signal in your mind.

You are seeing with the mind’s eye, and not with those two windows allowing the light into the mind.

What you see is not what’s actually there in front of you but what you interpret as being there.

All of us are interpreting those visual signals in accordance with our unique perspective, built up through our lifetime of experiences and beliefs about the world.

Any two of us can look upon a scene and see it very differently, depending on who we are and what experiences we have had. In other words, we only see our opinion of what’s there.

This is why the spiritual masters encourage us to pay attention to how we see things. This is why they say what we see is illusion.

If you want to see clearly, you need to become aware of the many filters in use in your mind. These filters are the beliefs that color your interpretation of the visual signals received in your mind. We call these filters prejudices, because they predispose us to certain interpretations.

You can only remove a filter if you are aware of its existence.

For example, we all come into the world color blind. Just look at how little kids behave in multi-racial settings. But how many of us lose our color blindness by the time we are adults?

You can only regain that color blindness by becoming aware of your color filter and then discarding it.

Here’s a little something I stumbled across that illustrates how it’s the program inside your mind that determines what you see.

Sight from Robot Genius on Vimeo.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter