The Pause Principle

“The Pause Principle is the conscious, intentional process of stepping back, within ourselves and outside of ourselves, to lead forward with greater authenticity, purpose and contribution. This value-creating methodology allows more examination, higher-order logic, rational analysis, more profound questioning, deeper listening, higher-quality presence, broader perspective, greater openness to diverse thinking and input, and ultimately more impactful, influential, and innovative action.”

The Pause Principle: Step back to Lead Forward by Kevin Cashman

This is one of my favourite books and reading it inspired my Running on empty reflection.

I find that it’s a good book to return to every now and then, especially when I find myself in doing mode – that mode where, if you are not careful, you forget about the people you are doing it all for.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend getting yourself a copy – and adopting the Pause Principle.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.