Louise Penny country

This week we’re in Montreal, Quebec – in Louise Penny country.IMG_0966



We are staying in the Old Port of Montreal, which I understand is the original town. The streets are narrow and the buildings are only four or five storeys high, like in European cities.


Spring hasn’t arrived in Canada yet. The trees, apart from the evergreen firs, are still in their winter state of bare sticks. There is still snow near the summit of Mont Real.

It’s a far cry from New York City. There’s hardly anybody on the streets. Maybe that’s because you can also walk around sections of downtown without going outside.

Montreal is an easy place to walk around, and there are plenty of good restaurants in the Old Port part of town and lots of places to eat downtown.

I haven’t spotted Inspector Gamache walking about town but, then again, I haven’t seen any other policemen walking about town either. Something else very different to New York City, where you can’t go outside in Manhattan without seeing someone in a NYPD uniform.

Perhaps that tells us something about Canada.

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