What story are you telling?


Every moment of every day is story time.

Take a moment and listen to that voice in your head.

What story are you telling yourself about yourself today?

Whether you’re aware of what you’re doing or not, you are telling your story all the time. You’re telling it in your self talk and when you’re telling others about yourself. You’re telling it in all those thoughts you have about yourself.

What story are you telling? Are you putting yourself down? Are you limiting your possibilities by saying that there are things you can’t do? Qualities you can’t have? Is your story the same as everybody else’s?

Are you deliberately crafting your story or simply repeating the same story over and over?

Who is the author of the stories you tell yourself about yourself?

Is it you?

You can be the author of your story but you need to make that a deliberate choice.

If you don’t pay attention to your storytelling you end up repeating things – mindlessly. Those things could be lies. They might have been true once, but there is a fair chance they are nothing more than opinions – that you have not consciously examined.

Here’s something to think about. If you keep telling the same story nothing changes. If you want things to change in your life you need to start telling a new story.

Start telling yourself the story of who you want to be – and grow into being that person.

You won’t change when things around you change.

Things around you change when you change – and you need to tell yourself a new story if you want to change.

I know this sounds easy but in reality it’s a real challenge – simply because we are creatures of habit. It’s so easy going with the flow of the familiar. It takes commitment to make a deliberate choice to change the narrative of your story and to stick with that choice.

You also have to contend with peer pressure – from those people who want you to stay the same.

The fun is in the changing not in the staying with the herd. So, go for it!

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

It is not possible for you to be alone

Another of Jeshua’s ‘it is not possible’ statements to spend some time with.

I dare say most of you do not believe this statement. Most of us equate being alone with loneliness, which has to be avoided at all cost.

We believe that we are social beings and we want to belong. We join the crowd. Not just one crowd but many crowds – a religious crowd, a political party, a sporting club, a drinking group. I’m sure you can name a host of other crowds but they will all serve the same purpose -surrounding ourselves with like minded people.

Being with liked minded people and doing things together for a common purpose feels like an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Lots of good things get achieved by people cooperating to manifest a common vision. Works for the other side of the coin too. We even have a word to describe such crowds – gangs.

Being part of a crowd has other consequences that we all know about but generally don’t want to acknowledge. The crowd expects, and in some cases demands, that you conform to its behavioural norms, its mindset and its worldview.

Consider what happens when you decide to behave differently or express a different opinion.

The crowd decides that you no longer fit in. People start feeling uncomfortable around you. Peer pressure is applied to pull you back into the fold. If that doesn’t work, you get excluded or expelled from the crowd. The Catholic Church has a lovely word for it – excommunicated. Once that happens, you become an outsider, a heretic. You find yourself alone.

But it is not possible for you to be alone.P1000088

It’s easy to believe that you are alone, especially if you see yourself as a separate being. If you’re looking at the surface of the ocean you only see the waves, but the waves are not the ocean.

It takes courage to consciously choose to take yourself out of the crowd, any crowd. But if you don’t take yourself out of the crowd you stay subject to the energy field of the crowd. You stay part of the herd.

Herd mentality. I invite you to look it up in Wikipedia. It can be very subtle but it’s also a powerful tranquilliser that can keep you locked into unconscious behaviours and thought patterns.

If you want to take the journey of discovering who you really are, you need to take yourself out of the crowd. You need to risk testing the truth of Jeshua’s assertion that it’s not possible for you to be alone.

‘In the beginning there is not much difference between the coward and the courageous person. The only difference is, the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and the courageous person puts them aside and goes ahead. The courageous person goes into the unknown in spite of all the fears.’  OSHO in Courage: The joy of living dangerously.

This is an invitation to get out of the stands and step into the arena.