Inspector West

The Inspector West crime series explores the lives of people who commit crimes, mess up relationships and fall in love – not necessarily in that order – and the life of Inspector Carl West, who sometimes solves a crime or two.

Deadly Sands

Deadly_SandsThe novella, Deadly Sands, is the prequel to the Inspector West series. It introduces you to Carl West and tells the story that leads to the formation of the team you’ll meet in the Inspector West series.

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Mysterious death reveals her secrets.

Inspector West investigates the murder of school teacher, Josie Ford.

Her husband faces impacts beyond grief as Josie’s secrets are revealed.

If you like mystery mixed with suspense, you’ll probably love the intrigue and surprise in Peter Mulraney’s debut murder mystery: After.

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The Holiday

The_Holiday_Cover_for_KindleMurder. Kidnap. Redemption.

Inspector Carl West investigates the murder of seventy-five year old Kieran Moore and the disappearance of his ten year old great-grandson, Toby, after the pair secretly steal away for a holiday weekend.

If you like mystery mixed with intrigue, you’ll probably love the twists and surprises in The Holiday, the second book in Peter Mulraney’s Inspector West series.


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Holy Death

Holy_Death_Cover_for_KindleMurder. Arson. Revenge.

Detective Inspector West investigates the grisly deaths of two elderly priests: one in a suspicious fire; the other obviously murdered.

The inspector is not the only one hunting the priest killer.

If you like murder mixed with mystery and conflict, you’ll probably love the suspense and intrigue in Peter Mulraney’s Holy Death, the third book in his Inspector West series


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Inspector West Collection 1

inspector-west-collection-oneThe first three books of the Inspector West series: After; The Holiday; and Holy Death, collected together in one volume to give you hours of murder, mystery, and intrigue.

More than a third off the price of buying all three titles separately.

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