Deadly Sands – Scene 28



Constable Head secured the crime scene.

Constable Priest took statements from the two residents on the second floor that had been at home during the incident.

Carl called Chief Inspector Rankin.

The paramedics from the ambulance service confirmed Carl’s initial assessment, and waited in their vehicle for the police pathologist to arrive, so they could hand over the bodies.

About an hour later, Mike Jonas arrived with a team of crime scene investigators.

‘You okay, Carl?’ said Mike, as soon as he spotted Carl sitting on the bottom step of the staircase, holding his head in his hands.

Carl stood up. ‘I’ve had better days, Mike. It’s all upstairs.’

Mike followed Carl up the stairs to the second level, where Constable Priest stood guard at the far end of the corridor.

Mike examined the bodies and confirmed what they already knew.

When he had taken a sample for DNA testing from the body of Dale Reed, he released the bodies to the coroner’s collection team.

‘I’ll get this guy tested for you, Carl. Hopefully the results will answer a lot of your questions.’

Carl gave a statement to the sergeant leading the crime scene investigators and then waited while they searched Dale Reed’s apartment.

‘Inspector, you might want to come and take a look at this,’ said the sergeant.

Carl followed him into the apartment and into the second bedroom, which Dale Reed had set up as a studio. On an easel by the window sat an unfinished landscape painting of coastal sand dunes, which looked familiar to Carl.

‘Look,’ said the sergeant, pointing to the figure of a naked woman on the sand where the dunes met the beach.

‘See if you can find a light-blue bikini,’ said Carl.

‘Already have,’ said the sergeant. ‘It’s in there.’

Carl opened the drawer of the desk, expecting to see pencils and paints, but finding a collection of women’s underwear, including a sky-blue bikini, inside plastic zip-lock bags.

‘Quite a collection,’ said the sergeant, holding up a scrapbook of newspaper clippings. ‘I think he might have more that the Morton Sands murders in here, Inspector.’

to be continued…


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