Deadly Sands – Scene 24

Deadly_SandsCarl and Peter studied Barry Watson, waiting in the interview room with his lawyer, through the two-way mirror.

‘Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth,’ said Carl. ‘No wonder the old ladies in that retirement village like him.’

‘Who’s the silk?’ said Peter.

‘Max Walsh, from Legal Aid,’ said Carl.

‘I’ve heard he’s pretty good,’ said Peter.

‘That might be so, Pete, but I don’t think the mighty Max will be saving young Watson from himself, if he’s the one. And going by the statement he made when he got here, he doesn’t have an alibi for either of the nights in question. Come on, let’s get started.’

‘Hello, Max,’ said Carl.

‘Inspector,’ said Max.

They waited while Peter played with the dials to set up the video recorder, and then asked each person in the room to state his name.

Carl extracted a photograph of Melissa Keating in her surf lifesaver’s uniform from his briefcase and placed it on the table in front of Barry. ‘Do you know this girl, Barry.’

Barry studied the photograph. ‘I don’t think so.’

Carl placed another photograph of Melissa, taken the night her body was found on the beach, onto the table. ‘What about this girl?’

Barry shook his head.

‘Barry, if you want to answer a question, you need to use your voice for the recording,’ said Max Walsh.

‘I don’t know who she is.’

‘What about this girl?’ said Carl, placing a photograph of Karen Newhouse, in a tight red tee-shirt, on the table.

Barry Watson looked at his lawyer. ‘Are they allowed to do this? They’re accusing me. I saw that picture in the paper. It said she’d been raped.’

‘Barry, you don’t have to answer their questions if you don’t want to,’ said Max.

‘Do you know her?’ said Carl.


‘Are you sure, Barry?’

Barry crossed his arms on his chest and looked at the table.

‘Barry, do you know what DNA evidence is?’ said Carl.

‘Not really.’

‘Do you want me to explain it to him, Inspector?’ said Max.

‘Thanks,’ said Carl.

‘Barry, when a girl is raped, like these girls were, the person who raped her usually leaves behind biological material, like saliva or semen, or maybe skin and blood if the victim scratches him. The police can use that material to help them identify the rapist,’ said Max.

‘You mean like, if he didn’t use a condom, they’d have something to test that would identify him?’ said Barry.

‘Precisely,’ said Max.

Carl watched as Barry wrapped his arms tightly around his body and turned away from him.

‘Barry, I want you to listen carefully before you answer my next question.’ Carl waited for Barry to look at him. ‘We have tested semen samples taken from the bodies of both Melissa Keating and Karen Newhouse. The results of that testing prove that they were raped by the same man.’

Barry closed his eyes.

‘Do you remember someone taking a sample from inside your mouth when you were arrested, Barry?’

Barry nodded.

‘We will have the results of those tests in a few days, and then we will compare them with the results from the samples we took from the girls. Do you know what I think those results will tell me, Barry?’

Barry Watson opened his eyes and stared at Carl.

‘Those results will tell me if the rapist is you, or your brother.’


‘Not bullshit I’m afraid, Barry. Fact. Your father gave us a sample. We’ve already got the results from his test. They gave us a partial match with the rapist. Do you still want to insist you had nothing to do with the rape and murder of these girls?’

Barry shook his head. ‘It can’t be me. I always use a condom.’

‘There’s something else you need to think about, Barry. We’re examining your van and searching your apartment. Do you know what we’re looking for?’

Barry shrugged his shoulders.

Carl terminated the interview and asked the waiting guard to remove Barry from the interview room.

‘I’ll let you know when we have the DNA results, Max. Are you representing the brother as well?’

‘Inspector, Malcolm has an alibi for the night Melissa Keating was killed. He was working in the homeless shelter at the Port.’ Max handed Carl a copy of the statutory declaration made by the shelter’s manager. ‘I’ll be asking for psychiatric testing if those results come back positive.’

‘If the brother’s alibi is watertight, Max, I’d be booking that psychiatrist if I was you.’

to be continued…


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