Deadly Sands – Scene 19

Deadly_SandsOn Tuesday morning, Chief Inspector Rankin was waiting for Carl when he arrived in the office.

‘I’ve got the Commissioner breathing down my neck, Carl. We need to find this guy before the media get too carried away with their serial killer on the loose stories. Tell me we’re making progress.’

‘Chief, we don’t even know if it is the same guy. Mike won’t have his DNA results for a couple of days yet, and we don’t have any witnesses. We’ve interviewed just about everybody who claims to have known Melissa and Darren, and none of them have shed any light on why anyone would want to hurt them, let alone murder them. The only thing I have, apart from a DNA profile, is that he takes his victim’s underwear.’

‘Maybe we’re dealing with someone who stalks girls.’

‘Stalks? Don’t you mean hunts, Chief?’

‘All the more reason why we need to stop him. What about that Watson fellow you interviewed yesterday?’

‘We’re doing a DNA profile but Forensics reckon his van is clean from our perspective. No carpet and nothing to link it with the girl. It’s possible our killer only used the vans as cover, so she wouldn’t see him until it was too late. ’

‘What about the other van?’

‘I’m still checking to see if it belongs to Watson’s son, but I haven’t been able to speak to him yet. He’s away on holidays, and his father claims he doesn’t know where he’s gone.’

‘Do you believe him, Carl?’

‘I’m not sure, Chief. He initially told me his son was at work.’

‘Did you find out where the son usually goes for his holidays, Carl?’

‘Apparently he goes camping down the south coast. We’re checking all the caravan parks and camping sites.’

The chief stood up and picked up his hat.

‘How does someone snatch a girl less than fifty metres from her front door without anybody noticing, Carl? Surely she would have screamed or called out.’

‘Not if she didn’t know she was being snatched, Chief. If it was someone she knew, she might have been taken off guard or gone willingly.’

‘Or he could have surprised her from behind and put a hand over her mouth, I suppose,’ said Chief Inspector Rankin.

‘Whoever he is, Chief, he has to be a local, he simply moves around that area too easily.’

‘Did this Karen have a boyfriend?’

‘Not that anybody is telling us, Chief. Apparently she was a bit of a law nerd. Sounds like John Jackson was the closest thing she had to a boyfriend, but it seems their common interest was the law.’

‘What’s his story?’

‘He’s clean, Chief. His parents back his story of being home by midnight. Too bad he wasn’t tempted to walk Karen home that night.’

‘Maybe he’s lucky he didn’t, given what happened to his brother.’

to be continued …


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