Deadly Sands – Scene 9

Deadly_SandsCarl and Peter returned to the surf lifesavers’ clubhouse on the beachfront. Expecting the search to be finished, they were surprised to see a line of officers walking towards the clubhouse along the wet, firm sand that had been exposed by the retreating tide.

‘Someone is being thorough,’ said Carl.

‘I guess they’re covering the possibility that he threw whatever he bashed the boy with into the sea,’ said Peter.

‘That would certainly wash it,’ said Carl, shaking his head. ‘It always amazes me that these idiots go to great lengths to destroy their fingerprints, and then leave a sample of their genetic blueprint all over the body.’

As they watched the line of officers inspecting the wet sand, the sound of a distant shout floated across the beach and the line stopped moving.

‘Did you hear that?’ said Peter.

‘Looks like they’ve found something,’ said Carl.

Ten minutes later, a constable arrived at the clubhouse with an evidence bag holding a miniature metal baseball bat.

Shortly after the arrival of the baseball bat, Carl met with the crime scene investigators for a final briefing before leaving the clubhouse.

‘The only thing we don’t have is a blue bikini. Her shorts and sandals were under a bush in the dunes, not far from where she was found,’ said the sergeant in charge of the crime scene investigators, ‘and, seeing Doctor Jonas reckons the boy’s skull was crushed with something round, like an iron bar,’ he continued, holding up the evidence bag with the baseball bat, ‘it looks like we have your murder weapon, Inspector.’

The detectives returned to the city to review the statements collected by Uniform and to decide on their plan of action.

At midday, with the police presence at the surf lifesavers’ clubhouse reduced to a uniformed patrol, the beach at Morton Sands reopened to the public.

to be continued…


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