The other story

I’ve been watching and listening to the presentations from the Mindfulness Summit, which is happening over October. Well worth the time if you have any interest in awareness or consciousness.

On Friday, there was a presentation by Tara Brach. One story she told caught my attention, not for the actual content of the story but the message it held.

I’ve touched on the topic of the stories we tell ourselves before, but within the context of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Tara was reminding us that we tell stories to ourselves about others.

Mindfulness is one way of becoming aware that we are listening to our stories about people and not seeing the people in our lives.

If you’re not quite sure what I mean, think of the labels you use to describe others. Try a couple of good ones like Muslim or Infidel; Christian or Atheist; Republican or Democrat.

There is always a person underneath the label – a person just like you.

There is only one source and we all come from that source. Using different names for source does not change the nature of source or our relationship with it or each other.

Something to think about the next time you catch yourself labelling another.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.