The myth of time management


Do you believe in time management?

Going by the number of books published on the topic it looks like a lot of people do.

I don’t know what makes anyone think they can manage time.

Time is a concept.

It’s flows like a stream but unlike water it cannot be contained.

We fool ourselves thinking we have it locked inside clocks or planners.

We measure it.

We schedule it.

It keeps going even when we aren’t looking.

We all have the same amount of it available to us every day but some of us seem to do a lot more with our daily allocation.

Some of us make use of daily planners, scheduling our use of time – and this is where all those theories of time management come from.

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that simply using a daily planner to schedule appointments and tasks does not necessarily mean those things get done as planned, despite the best of intentions.

In the final analysis, it’s not time that has to be managed – it’s our use of time, and that comes down to something which distinguishes the successful from the others: self-discipline.

If you ever read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, you’ll discover he discusses time management under Habit 3: Put first things first – principles of personal management.

I reckon he was onto something.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter