Rethinking free books

In between writing a novel and designing some coloring books, I’ve been indulging in some study of online marketing.

When I started on this journey, I thought I’d have to master blogging and social media to be an effective online promoter of my work.

Like many others, it seems, I was under the impression that an email newsletter was yesterday’s medium of choice.

Turns out I was mistaken.

Turns out that creating a list of the email addresses of the people who read my books or are interested in my work is far more valuable than gathering a tribe of followers on Twitter or friends on a FaceBook page.

Twitter and FaceBook and a host of other landing pages have their role but it’s not the central role I initially thought it was.

Now for some humble pie eating.

Finally, I understand the role of free books in promoting my work and building an email list.

I’ve written an Inspector West short story as a thank you gift for subscribers.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.