A matter of perspective

Last night I listened to an eminent visiting American scientist being interviewed on the 7.30 Report. Listening to him, I realised there is a fundamental difference in the perspectives of science and spirituality.

Science is about exploring and gaining an understanding of the external world. Scientists are looking at the natural world – trying to figure out how it works and understand our place it in.

Spirituality is about exploring and gaining an understanding of the inner world. Mystics are looking within – trying to figure out who they are and how they are connected to the source of all being.

The problems come when practitioners write down their findings – and others insist that what is written is the truth.

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2 thoughts on “A matter of perspective

  1. Really like this observation. Thank you Peter. My sense is that the 2 perspectives add much to the whole understanding. We will eventually make space for all views and see the richness in allowing these.

    1. We live in both the external and the internal worlds, so both perspectives are valid – and not necessarily mutually exclusive as some players insist.Thanks for your comment.

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