That feeling of connection

After writing the previous post on Who do you think you are? I was browsing Facebook -instead of writing 700 words for the next novel – reading family history.

My surname would tell most of you that on the paternal side my family storyline originates in Ireland. As it so happens, so does the storyline on the maternal side.

I’m a descendant of John Dignan (1818 -1879), who was born in County Westmeath, Ireland and died in Victoria, Australia.

My Dignan cousins have created a Family History Facebook Group for sharing what we know about our family history, so there I was, looking at some of the recent updates, when I noticed a photograph of my great-great grandfather John and his four sons.

There smiling at the camera, a boy aged around ten, looking a bit like a younger version of me, was my great-grandfather, who had died twenty years before I was born.

I felt a sense of connection, and understood why we are so fascinated with our family histories.

When Genealogy Jen posted a comment, I opened her blog Repurposed Genealogy and read about the fun side of researching family histories. Well worth the read.

Man in uniform
My grandfather – John Dignan.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.


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