5 things a man needs to remember

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It’s vital that you remember your name. When you hear her say he or him, she’s talking about you. When she says your name, she’s talking to you.


Not your birthday, hers. She may not want to discuss her age but her birthday is the most important date on the calendar. Make sure it’s in yours with a reminder alert.


This is your second opportunity for displaying your romantic nature every year – you don’t want to miss it. This is another date to mark in your calendar with a reminder alert.


Patience may be a virtue but if you want to avoid the frustration of waiting, plan ahead and have something to do – while she’s doing whatever it is that takes so long whenever she’s getting ready.


If you manage to remember your name, when you hear her say it, give her your undivided attention – and no interrupting. This is how you really show her that she is important to you.


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