Listening to your life

I’ve started reading The Art of Work: A proven path to discovering what you were meant to do, by Jeff Goin – after hearing Jeff being interviewed by Jonathan Fields on the Goodlife Project.

Listening to your life is one of the chapters in part one of the book. In that chapter Jeff presents an idea that he attributes to Parker Palmer and Frederick Buechner, and that idea is to examine the story of your life to see what it’s telling you.

It seems to me that Jeff is inviting his readers to review the events in their life story, with a view to joining the dots, so that they understand what all those events have prepared them for.

Basically, the message is, if you translate what Life has been telling you through the stream of events that make up what you refer to as your life, you can work out what your purpose for being here is.

I think that’s an activity we could all benefit from, so I invite you to take a few moments to review the story that is your life and see if there is a message there for you to interpret.

When you look at life this way, you get the opportunity to realise that no moments are insignificant.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.