Far from normal

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Normal Curve| OpenClipArt.Org

Many of us see ourselves as boringly normal.

What does that word ‘normal’ actually mean?

The dictionary, hiding somewhere in this iPad, gave me this definition when I asked:
Normal = conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

So, what’s normal in your part of the village?

Do you see yourself living the same routine, ordinary lives that everyone around you is living?

How would an outsider, someone not from your tribe, view your life?

Let’s have a look at my apparently normal life.

On the surface, I lead a boringly normal life for someone in my tribe. I’m married, I’m a parent, I have a regular job, I live in a suburban house, drive an ancient car and live within the law. I pay my taxes and shop at the same supermarket as everyone else. There is nothing striking about my appearance, and my fashion sense is conservative. You’d be hard pressed to identify me as the odd one out in a line up of normal men my age.

But how normal am I?

Here’s a list of ten things that might make me easier to pick out in that line up.

  • I grew up in a family of ten kids.
  • I spent the final year of high school as a boarding student.
  • I married outside my ethnic group.
  • I graduated from two universities in two very different disciplines – biology and accounting.
  • I speak a foreign language – Italian.
  • I’ve had four distinct careers – teaching, insurance, banking, public service.
  • I write a blog about things that interest me.
  • I’ve written and self-published five books.
  • I live in Australia, but I’m writing this in an apartment in New York.
  • I’ve published a couple of videos on YouTube.

Take moment and look at your ordinary, boringly normal life from a different perspective, and write your own list of ten things about your life that most people are not aware of, or that you tend to overlook.

Maybe, like mine, your life is far from normal.

Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to share your list.