That helpless feeling.

Are you feeling helpless following the latest round of terrorist attacks in Paris? I know I am.

With all the analysis and discussion going on, I haven’t been able to discern who knows what’s really going on? I’m sure I don’t.

After reading readers’ comments on the analysis published on some news sites, I’m not encouraged to believe that anybody else does either. I’m not sure some of us want to know – we simply think we already have the answer. Especially those of us who hide behind online monikers.

I’m not sure I understand why we aren’t having a balanced discussion. Maybe we need to allow people to let off their fear-generated steam first, before we can start considering the wider context.

It's still a beautiful world. CC0 image
It’s still a beautiful world. CC0 image

I wonder how those people living in far away places, where we send drones to fire missiles from the skies, are feeling about us as terrorists.

Not a very comfortable question, is it?

I’m sure they feel just as helpless as we do. They can’t dislodge the people living amongst them that we identify as the enemy, and they are powerless to stop our drones.

We don’t want to see our own behaviour as terrorism, do we? But that’s what happens when you wage a war on terror – you become a terrorist – and you convince yourself that what you’re doing is necessary. But is it?

Sometimes I think all of our priorities are wrong.

I’m starting to think that politicians are little more than opportunistic liars and spin doctors, working in the interests of their backers, and calling it the national interest. And, it’s being done in our name and paid for with our dollars.

Maybe I’m being overly critical or maybe I’m finally getting it.

In any case, I’m feeling helpless, not because of terrorists, but because it appears to me that there is so little I can do to change the current political mindset. From my perspective, changing that mindset will require a lot more honesty, and a lot less power game playing, from our politicians. It also requires liberating the political process from the grip of special interest groups.

I can’t see us having a balanced discussion on what is going on without that mindset shift.

The mystics say to allow all things and work with what is. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Sometimes it appears we have no other choice.

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.