Living alone – sanity savers

image I’m writing Sanity Savers, a third book for the Living Alone series, to provide men, living alone after the end of a long term relationship, with a range of options to help them maintain their sanity.

The sad reality is that a lot of middle-aged and older men currently living alone, due to divorce or the death of their partner, will spend the rest of their days living alone, despite their best efforts to find a new partner. It appears that women, liberated from long term relationships by either death or divorce, are more than happy with the single life. The statistics, for suicide, depression and alcoholism, indicate that it’s the guys who are struggling with their new living arrangements.

It’s one thing to live alone by choice, and I gather a lot of young people are making that choice for a range of reasons. It’s another thing coming to terms with being on your own as the only option available to you, after you have spent ten, twenty or more years in a relationship.

I’ll be sharing some ideas, based on my own experience of living alone, that focus on keeping yourself actively occupied, staying connected and becoming your own best friend.

Do you have any suggestions for topics I should cover?

Thanks for dropping by, Peter.

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