Sometimes coping with what you encounter on the journey requires resilience. At times the circumstance you encounter appear overwhelming, and sometimes it’s difficult to see a way out or a way forward, unless you can maintain a sense of self outside the dictates of the circumstances you find yourself in.

When you’re caught in the drama of what appears to be a hopeless situation, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

You see yourself alone, when you are surrounded by family and friends.

You see yourself as unloveable, when all around you people are loving you.

You think you have to solve your problems on your own, when all you have to do is ask someone for help.

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation with someone not caught up in the emotion of the circumstances to get a fresh perspective. From my experience, no matter how dark it seems it’s never as bad as imagined, and it’s always lighter once you’ve talked about it with someone who only listened.

When you’re in that dark, painful place you see the black bleakness, and forget that all circumstances are temporary. You think your hell will last forever, when in reality it will pass – just like every other circumstance you have encountered in life.

Good times come and good times go. So why should it be any different for bad times?

It’s not.

Sadly, when it all seems hopeless, some of us don’t seem to have sufficient resilience to cope with the situation, and decide that life is so painful that it is no longer worth living.

Here’s a sobering WHO statistic: suicide is one of the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44.


In my circle, we are coming to terms with the suicide of a young friend.

I recently attended a celebration of his life, along with a hundred other people – his friends and family.

There were people at that celebration who had weathered some rough circumstances in life, who had not taken their life when all seemed lost. Yet our young friend had taken his.

None of us can see inside the head or heart of another, so we will never know why he made that decision, regardless of how much time we spend pondering his circumstances.

What we can do is support each other, and reach out to those around us struggling with issues in their lives.

Help is available

Google can find anything you want to read – including helpful stuff for when you’re feeling anxious – provided you ask.

If you’re feeling as if life is just too much, or someone you know is feeling suicidal, here are a couple of useful sites:

Befrienders Worldwide



You do not have to work it out alone, because you are not alone. You’re surrounded by billions of people – just ask one of them to listen.

And, if you’re that one, be present to whoever has asked you to listen.

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